Swapping Information
A swap might be for fabric, blocks, gift boxes or anything that makes a quilter smile. The basic idea is to send an item(s) and to get an item(s) in return. You're not gaining and you're not losing, you're just SWAPPING. The goal is that you'll be making someone happy and being made happy in return. If you're swapping fabrics or blocks, you'll be able to get a huge variety that you couldn't get alone. You'll be able to make quilts with help from your friends from all over. The main thing to remember in swapping is to send what you would like to receive.
Swapping is so much fun it is often hard to stop. Please be considerate of others and make sure you only sign up for the swaps you can complete on time. There are always exciting swaps opening. There is no need to stretch yourself to the point of not being able to enjoy the swap or failing to mail on time. Having FUN and making FRIENDS is what it's all about.
There are 2 ways to mail. Direct mailing is where a member mails directly to other members. Centralized mailing is where all the swappers mail to the hostess who then performs the act of swapping before she mails the swap items back. From the day you join Quilting Around The World, you may join a centralized swap. Direct mailing swaps require a membership of at least 3 months and to have completed at least 2 other swaps.
Hostessing a swap requires being a member for at least 1 year and having completed at least 3 swaps.
General Swapping Rules
Read the swap details at least twice to make sure you know what you should be sending.
Pay close attention to color requirements.
Blocks or sewn items are to be made with PREWASHED 100% cotton fabric only.
Use quality fabric. It shouldn't bleed, fade or be too thin (low thread count)
Do your best work and your friends will do the same for you.
Blocks need to be within 1/4" of the size called for in the instructions. ( Measure before mailing )
Place fabric or block in a small baggie and label with a name and address.
Place smaller baggies in a large baggie with a name and address on it and send along with a stamped return envelope.
Weekly progress messages are required until you let us know the item(s) have been mailed.
Always post a message when you receive a swap package in the mail.
Mail at least 7 days before the due date if you live inside the U.S. and at least 14 days before the due date if you live outside the U.S.
Let your hostess know if something comes up that might prevent you from sending on time. Personal information would never be repeated but they can decide how to proceed with the swap.
Send a "stamped" and addressed return envelope in centralized swaps for your hostess to use to send your item(s) back. No metered strips please.
No critiquing is allowed unless you ask for it and then it has to be done in a private message.
Don't forget to thank your hostess. She's worked to keep the swap fun and fair. (cards, stamps, fabric or emails are nice)
The Swapping Information covered above is 'general' information. You should always refer to each swap's directions for any variations
Briar Patch
QATW is committed to maintaining a great swapping experience for all.
Unfortunately there are times when swappers don't follow the rules or mail out on time. When these things happen, our PatchKeeper will have to put those swappers in the Briar Patch and assign them a suspension period.
These are the things that make a swapper land "In the Briar Patch" and the penalty
1st time not completeing swap on time: suspended from joining any swaps for 2 months
2nd time in a 12 month period: suspended from joining swaps for 6 months
3rd time in a 12 month period: suspended from joining swaps for one year
Failure to swap in a direct mailing swap will result in stronger penalties
Not posting progress reports 10 days or more: 30 day suspension
Dropping from a swap less than 10 days before DUE date: 30 day suspension
If you have any questions or problems, please send an email to gg@quiltingaroundtheworld.com