Quilting Around The World has our very own Quilting-Nana. She has 2 very important jobs that she performs for us. First she is the person to contact whenever you get a block that the maker did an exceptional job in sewing. Perfect fabric choices, dog ears trimmed, threads snipped, great points, nice intersections and packaged neatly. Nana will award these quilters a GOLD STAR for each swapper that advises her about the excellent blocks. Members that earn multiple GOLD STARS can earn privileges such as early swap notification and a spot on the STAR GAZER chart.
The second position she holds is one of helping those that make blocks that are less than perfect and require re-working. If more than one person in a swap notifies Nana that a block had to be re-worked, she will email that swapper with tips and techniques to help that swapper make blocks that are usable at the time of mailing. Our Quilting-Nana is a very nice person and would never hurt anyone's feelings. Her only intention is to help those that need it the most. If a swapper continues sending blocks that have opportunities for improvement and nana's tips don't help, they may have their swapping rights frozen until some private lessons are sucessfully completed. Nana knows you want to do your best for your friends so she is there to help you sew the best you can.
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If you have any questions or problems, please send an email to gg@quiltingaroundtheworld.com