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How does your garden Grow ?
Love daffs!! Can't ...
what kind ?
Chicken Of the Woods
main flower
No Description
New flower b
put this one in last...
front porch
No Description
Front Gate
Mothers day presant
Wendy's flow
This is the main flo...
black walnut
our first haul... we...
another fun
lots of red surprise...
one day late
wow - overnight!
cool fungus
Very pretty coral lo...
harvest 6/28
yellow canna
only grows about 3 f...
1st Harvest
Yummy squash. 2015
YELLOW viole
a woodsy find. :D
Different ki
So much fun finding ...
New to me, but such ...
found a cutie at my ...
some daffs b
only a small percent...
collected at the edg...
What I picke
No Description
Picture 011.
No Description
Picture 007.
No Description
First flower
No Description
No Description
Picture 076.
No Description
Picture 004.
No Description
May 31
No Description
100_6235 (2)
No Description
100_6231 (2)
No Description
100_6233 (2)
No Description
gg's garden
Nearly spent but sti...
Mourning Cloak on my...
Tuesday afte
and a huge storm is ...
other penste
not sure which one t...
showy penste
as well as these did...
tree peony
Love this color
Shrubby pens
bought at a wild pla...
wild penstem
I collected seeds fo...
this is a Colorado n...
tree peonys
the yellow did not c...
Yellow tree
No Description
No Description
found near by
Rain barrel
65 gallon
iris from Lowe's
Southwest co
needs, soil, sod and...
Springtime i
View 1(4-24-14)
Sonoran Dese
4 stalks in bloom th...
salvaged from my son...
Progress, Ap
No Description
Progress, Ap
Partially planted
March 15
Brush pile gone, rea...
In the begin
Had to burn the brus...
Edible Garde
Licorice, Apple Mint...
Edible garde
My haul from the Edi...
Blossoms on
There are still juic...
school garde
No Description
school garde
No Description
Willow bloss
No Description
No Description