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Project bags
No Description
X's and O's
Made from a wall han...
Spectral Pri
Made from a wall han...
Big Fish Lit
Made from a wall han...
Teeny Flower
Bohemian Rha
Made from a wall han...
Sew Happy
To hide the hole in ...
I'm standing
with my my niece tha...
Groom's wedd
Groom's best man and...
Wedding cere
Bro. Walker conducti...
Bride and gr
My brother Sampson's...
Delbert and
Cutting of beautiful...
Groom and Ly
My nephew Delbert an...
navajo taco for us
Ready to eat
2012 thanksg
son home for meal
Granddaughter Lily.
Autumn Block
Combined two wall ha...
Scrappy Scra
Quilt for Shoni
Quilt top completed ...
7" paper piecing
Bargello for
Black and Green are ...
Fall Table R
owner to this second...
Fall Table R
a weekend project
quilted top
bucking bronco, boot...
back of hors
No Description
combined rou
everyone did a wonde...
Berg Park
Animas River
Nature Trail
You might spot a dee...
Walking brid
Berg park
Berg Park
Animas River
My house Swa
These are the nice l...
Horsing Arou
made for niece
wearing her finished...
No Description
SySy's dress
No Description
Syanna weavi
She wore this dress ...
Navajo weavi
sis making one for m...
Pictures of
made into picture bl...
12Navajo lad
No Description
This is where I work...
Four Corners
I live in Farmington
Happy new year
2011 HNY
Have a great new yea...
Space Needle
View from Kerry Park
DLS and I
Ready to tour the ci...
Aerial View
tour of the city fro...
Waterfront C
Had fishy thanksgivi...
Seattle in t
It is cold in Seattl...
Seattle Wate
spending thanksgivin...
scaredy cat.
No Description
Applique #3
Had to tug at her sh...
Applique #4
Getting the hand of ...
Applique #2
Getting a personalit...
Moccasins fo
Very detailed work f...
mama's many
There's a total of a...
mama's appli
Appliqued woman whos...
mama's appli
Close up work of mom...
Mama's appli
refurbished. Origina...
My nephew
left for the marines...
now a marine
Niece's wedd
wedding chapel
Niece's wedd
Groom is the 3rd fro...
Niece's wedd
flower girl
Niece's wedd
the bride with her m...
Bright Hopes
No Description
2010 9-7 Sta
No Description
the color bl
No Description
Come on Popp
No Description
No Description
Sonny's Navy
No Description
Lyman in pbs
No Description
Navy boot ca
No Description
Tanya and Ly
Sister and Brother
Small Dream
Was taken at10 years...
Lyman's Dinn
Give son support for...